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Method of activating curricular internships for degree courses

Internships and training courses for students enrolled in degree courses at the University of Pavia, to be carried out at an institution or company.

Curricular/teaching internships – for students of degree courses at the University of Pavia.

Curricular internships provide a significant opportunity for students enrolled at the University to facilitate direct contact with the world of work, while making an important contribution to their professional and specialized training.

Curricular internships:
must be provided for in the student’s study plan, either among compulsory credits or among those credits earned in excess of degree requirements;
1. may be activated only after the drafting of an agreement between the University and the host;
2. is always carried out on the basis of an educational internship;
3. is normally free of charge although a refund of costs incurred by the hosting party is admissible;
4. does not constitute a relationship of employment;
5. stipulates that the university tutor and a tutor provided by the hosting party will follow the intern and act as guarantors;
6. foresees the attainment of a specific number of credits for each degree course

To view and apply for the various internships offered by companies, students are required to access the portal Almalaurea (through their Registered User Area>Tirocini e Stage>Join Almalaurea, or by connecting directly to the following link). On first access to Almalaurea, registration is obligatory.
In order to identify an internship of interest, students may also contact the persons responsible for coordinating internships within their university course, or at the company. The contact person and the company will arrange the internship, which will then be publicly announced by the company, and displayed on Almalaurea.

The steps required to activate a curricular internship are:

1. the activation of an agreement between the Company and the University of Pavia; before proceeding with the following steps, students should check the list of already affiliated companies. Should it be necessary to draw up a new agreement, all essential information can be found here.
the presentation of the internship by the Company and its subsequent approval by the appointed university tutor. Student/company pairing may be carried out in different ways: through the student's direct application to the company in response to a published announcement, or through direct interaction between the student and the company with the aim of agreeing upon a training project. Once the company has confirmed selection of the student, it shall enter detailed content related to the proposed internship on the Almalaurea platform of the University of Pavia. The university tutor will receive email notification of the internship so as to be able to evaluate and approve it. Upon completion of this phase, the student will receive an email informing him/her that the internship has been approved.

2. the activation of the curricular internship. The student, having receiving the email regarding approval of the internship, shall access the Almalaurea portal in the manner outlined above, print out the relative form, sign it and obtain the signatures of the company tutor and university tutor. After that, he/she shall upload the signed document and wait for the internship activation email. Only after receiving this communication can the student undertake his/her internship at the Company for the arranged period, benefiting from the complete insurance cover guaranteed by the University of Pavia.

At the end of the internship, the student shall report to the university tutor in order to provide the necessary final documentation of the internship (this is usually a final report prepared by the company tutor), and to record the details of the activity carried out according to the guidelines stipulated in his/her course of studies.

For further information, please refer to the individual websites of the degree courses, send an email to, or contact the FILO DIRETTO service.


How to activate a curricular internship - for students of Master’s courses
Once the agreement has been approved, in order to present a curricular internship to be undertaken during a Master’s course (responsibility of the student) it is necessary to contact the respective organizational offices, tutors and course coordinators for the activation of the internship.
>> information regarding the activation of internships for Master’s courses

How to activate an extracurricular internship – even up to 12 months after graduation
An extracurricular internship is aimed at graduates; it allows them to make career choices, begin to gain experience in the world of work, and commence acquiring job skills.
Once the agreement has been approved, the company may contact the University Orientation Centre to present the internship. The Centre, besides approving agreements, also manages the activation process of extracurricular internships.
>> information regarding the activation of extracurricular internships