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Request for change in degree programme

A student enrolled at Pavia University who wishes to change to another degree programme (Change of Degree Programme) must submit an online request from the Reserved Area>Academic Record>Change of Degree Programme (Area riservata>Carriera>Passaggio di corso).

The following is needed for this request:

1) The student has to have renewed his or her enrolment in the previous degree programme (using the MAV payment form); in other words, he or she must have paid the first tuition instalment for the upcoming academic year;

2) The student must be up-to-date with tuition payments for previous academic years.

In order to request transfer to a new degree programme with limited enrolment, the student must abide by the relevant entry procedure and deadlines.

N.B. Once tuition has been paid for the upcoming academic year it will take several days for the enrolment to be renewed and before the request for change of degree programme can be officially undertaken. In case of urgency the student must request enrolment through the FILO DIRETTO (DIRECT LINE), attaching to this request a copy of the MAV payment for the first tuition instalment.


The period for presenting the request for change of degree programme (in the case of open enrolment) is from September 14 to 12 p.m. on October 15th; in the case of limited enrolment programmes the student should consult the specific procedures and deadlines.
After October 15th and until 21/12/2018 it is possible to request an exception to the deadline for justified reasons, subject to late-payment charges.


The request for change of degree programme must be presented online through the Reserved Area>Academic Record>Change of Degree Programme, using the individual University identification codes. At this point the student is advised to verify that all previous exams have been correctly recorded on his academic transcript; in cases of doubt or error the student should contact the teacher(s) for the course(s) in question.
At the end of the application procedure the student will receive a MAV to be used for the virtual payment of the stamp duty of € 16 (Authorization AdE n. 1 of 22/11/200).

N.B. The receipt of the request for change of degree programme should not be presented to the Students Office.

Once the Students Office has received the request online and verified the payment of the stamp duty for the MAV, it will present the request to the competent Faculty Council, which will then ascertain the number of credits the student has accumulated and determine the year of admission into the new degree programme.

The Faculty Councils will determine whether or not the student must take any admission examinations to demonstrate his or her academic preparation and, where the degree programme in question is a second-cycle programme, also evaluate whether or not the student possesses the proper course requirements for admission to the new degree programme.

The Students Office will notify the applicant through the latter’s university email of the decision of the Faculty Council in question regarding the year of admission and recognition of any credits from previous exams within 45 days of receipt of the application from the student.