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Application for the Awarding of a Degree

The application for the awarding of a qualification must be completed online via the student’s Registered User Area (under DEGREE>DIPLOMA ATTAINMENT) in accordance with the deadlines set for each course of study.

Please note that the students of the bachelor course in Sport and Exercise Sciences and Master’s degree courses in Science and technique of adapted and preventive motor activity and Sport sciences and techniques, have to comply with specific rules, established by the Teaching Committee and described in this LINK

First of all, it is necessary to complete the Questionnaire for Graduating Students. For information read here.
After this it is possible to complete the application on line for the awarding of a qualification.

When completing the form on line, students must include the definitive title of their thesis/dissertation with the relative English translation, a brief abstract of the thesis content in Italian and English, and the name of the thesis supervisor together with those of any assistant supervisors.

After entering the required information, students must print the APPLICATION TO BE ADMITTED TO THE FINAL EXAMINATION form, and the MAV (electronic deposit slip) relative to the ‘Payment for the final examination and printing of the degree certificate’ that will be created after the compilation of the application, and will be found in the “Payments” section of the Registered User Area.

Within the deadline established for the submission of theses to the Students Desk, students must also submit the following:
  • the APPLICATION TO BE ADMITTED TO THE FINAL DEGREE EXAMINATION form, complete with stamp duty to the value of € 16.00;
  • the final and definitive version of the thesis, printed front / back and bound without helix. The thesis should also be signed by the Supervisor for graduating students pertaining to first and second cycle degrees in the following Departments / Faculties: Humanities, Sciences of the Nervous System and Behaviour, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Biotechnology, Environment and Earth Sciences, Musicology and Cultural Heritage, CIM, CPM, Medicine and Surgery. Graduating students in the Faculty of Engineering must follow the following instructions;
  • a receipt confirming payment of the MAV (and, in the case of three-year degrees in the field of health, the postal receipt attesting to the payment of the € 115.00);
  • a receipt confirming completion of the Questionnaire for Graduating Students; detailed information on the Questionnaire for Graduating Students and on its compilation is available here;
  • the student’s academic record booklet (if issued at the time of registration)

For some degree courses, it will be necessary to submit the following documents to the Students Desk:

• a declaration, signed by the Supervisor, confirming the satisfactory completion of training activities related to the preparation of the thesis, if these are deemed mandatory in the study plan and are not otherwise verifiable (for for graduating students of the 5-year combined bachelor's/master's degree in Jurisprudence);

• a declaration, signed by the Supervisor, which certifies the acquisition of credits related to the preparation of the thesis (for graduating students of the 5-year combined bachelor's/master's in Pharmacy with the option of an experimental thesis);

• a declaration issued by the coordinator of the university diploma / course of study, regarding the completion of training activities, only if such a statement has not already been received by the offices (this is envisaged only for students of courses offering a university diploma, and for graduating students of the following degree programs: first cycle degree in Philosophy , three-year first cycle degree in Modern Languages and Cultures, second cycle degree course in Modern Philology and second cycle degree in the History of Arts from Antiquity to the Present).

NOTE: The application for the awarding of a qualification shall be deemed regularly submitted only after the completion of all the formalities described above (online compilation of the application form for the awarding of the qualification, payment of the fee for the issue of the degree certificate, submission of the documents listed above to the Students Office) in compliance with the established deadlines.

Expenses for the issue of the degree certificate

In order to be admitted to the final examination of their degree, students are required to pay a fee of € 100.00 Euros, inclusive of stamp duty to the value of € 16.00 euro (paid virtually), for the issue of the degree certificate. The relevant MAV is generated once the application form for the awarding of a qualification has been completed and submitted, and is to found in the student’s Registered User Area, in the "Payments" section. Graduating students of three-year, first cycle degree programs in the field of health, who sit a final examination that qualifies them to practise, are expected to make a further payment of €150.00; such payment shall effectuated via a postal order made payable to the Università degli studi di Pavia - Servizio Tesoreria, account no. 198200, with "Rimborso spese Esami di Stato Area Sanitaria" as the reason for payment.

Standards of conduct to abide by during the graduation session

Pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 42 of the Student Regulations, issued with the Chancellor’s Decree No. 548 of March 26, 2012 and subsequent amendments, students enrolled in courses of study, as well as all members of the Academic Community, are required to comply with the rules laws, bylaws, regulations and rules laid down in the Code of Ethics in force at the University of Pavia, and with the principles of correct behaviour within university areas and in interpersonal relationships.
Violation of these rules implies the application of disciplinary sanctions for the transgressors, subject to the application of the civil and criminal codes.
Among the fundamental duties specified in the rules of conduct there is mutual respect, and respect for the organizational arrangements of the University. In addition, each member of the academic community is obliged to observe mutual respect, and to honour those places of research, teaching and study that must be protected both on account of their functions and for the fact that they often placed in buildings and sites of artistic, architectural and cultural-historical importance.
In light of the foregoing discussion, during the defence of the thesis and the subsequent proclamation, the graduating student is required to maintain appropriate behaviour in keeping with the solemnity of the ceremony and all guests should be invited to do the same, that is to attend the event in a festive manner albeit respectful of the institution, avoiding crowds, choruses and conduct that is inappropriate to the context.
After the ceremony, and once the hall has been left in a dignified manner to allow the smooth running of the subsequent session, the avoidance any kind of celebration (toasts, costumes, choruses, etc.) within the areas and courtyards of the University is recommended, so as not to annoy other members of the academic community.

What to do if the final degree examination must be postponed

In the event that the graduation examination will not be taking place, it is necessary for the student to cancel the application by accessing his/her Registered User Area and using the specific cancel application function. The student is required to submit a new application for the awarding of a qualification for the graduation session at which he/she intends to take part. In the event that a new application for the awarding of a qualification must be submitted, further payment is not necessary with the exception of the stamp duty that must be affixed to the new application form: the cost of preparing the degree certificate is in fact payable once only.

In the event of problems in presenting the application for the awarding of a qualification, contact the Students Office using the Direct line.