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Study Plan

Submitting a Study Plan

In order to submit a study plan it is necessary to be enrolled in the current academic year. Students provisionally enrolled in the master’s program (laurea magisrale) can present their study plan only after having received their three-year degree.
In order to complete the study plan, go to the link  Area Riservata  with the proper credentials, click on the banner on the left under the heading PIANO DI STUDIO and follow the instructions on the various pages.
The Study Plan will be correctly submitted only after you have clicked the box “CONFERMA PIANO” at the end of the submission procedure; it is recommended you keep a print out of the study plan submitted.
If the study plan meets the standards of the Consiglio Didattico (Didactic Committee) it will be automatically approved. At the conclusion of lessons, students will receive a certificate of attendance for their courses, an updated version of which they can print out.
Students enrolled under condition in a master’s degree course have to fill in the study plan within 15 days from awarding the bachelor, according to the rules indicated above.
After filling in the study plan, it is necessary to inform the Students Desk through the Direct Line Filo Diretto in order to eliminate the additional fee automatically generated by the system. In case the plan is presented after the 15 days from the awarding of the bachelor, the additional fee will be due.

Who must submit an online study plan?

The following students must submit a study plan:

1. All students regularly enrolled in a degree programme; those students who are provisionally enrolled in the master’s program must submit a study plan after they have received the three-year degree. In the event the deadline for the presentation of the study plan has passed, a student will receive a notice of refusal, which, however, can be overturned by sending an email to FILO DIRETTO

2. All students with “repeating” student status for one of the following reasons:
- non-¬compliance with the “obbligo formativo aggiuntivo (O.F.A.)” (Additional Learning Requirements) during the first year of study, under the terms of the degree programme regulations;
- failure to pass admission tests by September 30th, or by the date set by the Academic Committee (in particular as concerns degree programmes in the Faculty of Medicine);
- failure to meet attendance requirements (possession of attendance certificates) for degree programmes with mandatory attendance; certificates of attendance must be presented along with the study plan for the academic year to be repeated when this involves a course curriculum different from that of the previous year.

The presentation of the study plan is required even in cases of a plan consisting entirely of required courses; that is, where there are no elective courses for students to choose.

Exceptions to the online submission of study plans

The following categories of students do not have to submit an online study plan:

1. Students that intend to submit an individual study plan (accompanied by a €16 stamp duty);

2. Students who have submitted an individual study plan in past years; nevertheless, the 2018 plan, even if in conformity to the plan proposed by the Academic Committee, will be subject to approval by the Committee, and thus must include the €16 stamp duty;

3. Students enrolled with “final repeating” status for the present academic year (if they intend to modify the last study plan presented).

Students in the above categories must download the paper version of the study plan for enrolment from the internet pages of the Admissions Office of their degree programme, fill it in and hand it in to the appropriate Admissions Office or send it by registered mail with return receipt (Raccomandata R/R) to: Università degli studi di Pavia Segreteria Studenti - Strada Nuova 65, 27100 PAVIA, indicating the appropriate degree programme on the envelope.

Changes to the study plan from previous years

Changes from past years regarding the examinations included in the study plan are permitted under two conditions:
1) Changes are permitted only to those parts of the study plan that expressly envisaged the possibility of modification at the moment the plan was originally submitted;
2) The exams to be included as modifications to the previous plan must be part of the present year’s course offering (2018/2019).
The changes must be incorporated when the study plan is submitted via web.

Changes to the curriculum from previous academic years

In order to change the curriculum from previous academic years students must send an email through FILO DIRETTO before compiling the plan, indicating their name and registration number (numero di matricula).
The admissions offices will modify the curriculum, and only after this has been done can the study plan be submitted.

Inclusion in the study plan of supplementary examinations

Including a number of supplementary examinations is allowed when submitting the plan via web.
The excess number must not exceed 24 CFU (course credits) per academic year.
In terms of the 24 course credits, students enrolled in a three-year degree programme can also include examinations which are part of the master’s degree curriculum, up to a maximum of three courses over the entire period of the degree programme.
In order for students to be allowed to enroll in one year of the degree programme, they must be able to enroll in courses totaling at least 18 obligatory credits toward the degree. This requirement must be considered when students wish to move forward exams from years subsequent to the present year of the programme.
Students can include courses from all degree programmes among the elective courses (TAF D) and/or the supplementary courses. The student cannot include courses already taken in previous years, except in cases where such courses have not been officially validated. The appropriate admissions office will verify the correct application of this rule when examining a student’s academic record prior to the graduation examination. In cases of violation of the above rule, the student will not be allowed to sit the graduation examination and will be obliged to modify the study plan.

It is not necessary to complete the supplementary courses in order to be awarded a degree.


Changes to the study plan by graduating students

Students who are about to graduate are allowed to change one exam (or no more than 12 course credits) from their last study plan within the deadline for the submission of the study plan, even if they have not yet enrolled in the new academic year. To this end, students must present a request (with a stamp duty) stating the reason for modifying the last study plan approved by the Academic Committee, which will decide on the request. If the Committee accepts the request, the student will have to pay a late fee for the modification of the study plan.

Printing out the student examination result statement
The examination statement listing the courses in the “standard” study plan (which is automatically approved) for the 2018/2019 academic year will be available in time for the first session of examinations. The statement can be printed out online by the student by clicking on the Area Riservata link.

Deadline for submitting the study plan

The deadlines for submitting the study plan for the 2018/2019 academic year are as follows:
  • October 2 - October 16, 2018 for degree in Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards
  • October 22 – November 12, 2018 for degree programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and in the departments of Law, Business and Economics, Social and Political Science, Letters and Philosophy, Science of the Nervous System and Behavioral Science (STP and Psychology), CIM, CPM, Music;
  • November 12 – December 3, 2018 for degree programmes in  Pharmacy, Motor Science, the degree programmes in the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Earth and Environmental Science, and the degree programmes in biology and biotechnology.
  • December 4 - December 18, 2018 for   as well as for the degree programmes in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (master’s programmes in Medicine and Surgery (Golgi and Harvey programmes), the three-year and master’s degrees in the health field, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics).

Students submitting the study plan beyond the deadline will have to pay a late fee of € 82.

Once the allotted time period for submitting the study plan has passed, students who are late in filing will have to wait two weeks before they can submit their plan.


Once the study plan for the 2018/2019 academic year has been submitted, it can be modified up until December 31 on payment of a fee of € 82. After such date it will not be possible to further modify the study plan.

Course offerings of the university residence halls

In accordance with the rules for the submission of the study plan, students can include courses offered by the residence halls. Here is the link to find the course offerings of the residence halls for the 2018/2019 academic year.

For any problems in filling out and submitting the study plan, please send an email through the FILO DIRETTO