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Collegi universitari

Campus and University Colleges

The University of Pavia has the most estensive Colleges and Residence Hall system in Italy.
The majority of its students are housed in its 16 Colleges. The most ancient ones date back to 1564 (Collegio Borromeo) and 1567 (Collegio Ghislieri), while the two most recent ones (Collegio Maino and CollegioVolta) were founded in 2000.
Colleges and Residence Halls are either male or female, catered or self-catered (with kitchens on each floor for student use). Most of them admit both undergraduate and graduate students and places are offered for the academic year except for Christmas and Easter vacations.
Although all Residence Halls are bound by University Statutes, each of them has its own funding status. Some have an independent status and the majority of the Halls receive support from the regional educational authority.

The students of University of Pavia are not obliged to be members of any College or Residence Hall in order to gain admission to the university. The procedures for admission for Residence Halls can be found on the EDiSU website.
Erasmus students are adviced to contact the Erasmus office and exchange students are adviced to contact the International Office. Special housing agencies like (see the section on Accommodation for Exchange Students below) or announcements posted on the university bulletin boards can be alternative solutions.

EDISU public colleges

• Collegio Fratelli Cairoli (male) - p.zza Collegio Cairoli - Ph +39 0382.23746
• Collegio Gerolamo Cardano (mixed) - viale Resistenza, 15 - Ph +39 0382.301271
• Collegio Lazzaro Spallanzani (male) - via Ugo Foscolo, 17 - Ph +39 0382.22796
• Collegio Lorenzo Valla (mixed) - viale Libertą, 30 - Ph +39 0382.24784
• Collegio Castiglioni-Brugnatelli (female) - via San Martino, 18 - Ph +39 0382.33518
• Collegio Plinio Fraccaro (male) - p.zza Leonardo da Vinci, 2 - Ph +39 0382.301371
• Collegio Benvenuto Griziotti (mixed) - via Tavazzani 58/70 - Ph +39 0382.463761
• Residenze Golgi I e II (mixed) - via Aselli 39/43 - Ph +39 0382.510100
• Collegio Alessandro Volta (mixed) - via Ferrata, Ph +39 0382.548511
• Collegio Giasone del Maino (mixed) - via Luino, 4 - Ph +39 0382.376511
• Collegio universitario Quartier Novo - Via Santa Maria in Betlem, 5, Cremona - Ph +39 0372.456888

Via Calatafimi, 11
Ph + 39 0382.29218/29275
Fax 0382.29045

Residence Halls that are legally recognised by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR)

• Collegio Borromeo (mixed) - p.zza Borromeo Ph +39 0382.3951 -
• Collegio Ghislieri (mixed) - p.zza Ghislieri Ph +39 0382.37861-
• Collegio Nuovo (female) - via Abbiategrasso, 404 Ph +39 0382.5471 -
• Collegio Santa Caterina da Siena (female) - via San Martino, 17/a Ph +39 0382.375099 -

private Residence “Campus 4 us”
127 rooms (1 or 2 beds): info:

Accommodation for Exchange Students

The Centro Assistenza Studenti offers a series of services to University students designed to facilitate their stay in Pavia and to encourage full participation in University life. CAS works on behalf of the University of Pavia to find lodgings and provide general support vis-ą-vis accommodation for students coming to Pavia as part of the Erasmus program.
Corso Mazzini, 9
27100 Pavia
Ph +39 0382 539393
Fax 0382-539393