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The European Union and Latin America: the International dimension of Social Market Economy


UNIPV structure involved: Department of Economics and Management

UNIPV Team: Prof. Dario Velo

Project Duration: 24 months

Start Date: 01 Sep 2014                                                     End Date: 30 Aug 2016


Partner university:

Budget: € 44 676,00


Jean Monnet Project: “The European Union and Latin America: the International dimension of Social Market Economy”The project will last 18 months, starting from July 2014.The Project will be carried on by Researchers referring to two Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence: the Polo Interregionale Jean Monnet of the University of Pavia (applicant organisation) and Jean Monnet Center of Excellence “Antonio Truyol” of the University Complutense of Madrid (partner organisation).The project foresees the realisation of the following activities:- background research- first international conference (Pavia, Italy – Nov/Dec. 2014)- second international conference (Madrid, Spain – May/June 2015)- pubblication of the Conferences proceedings and background documents- implementation of a specific section of the websites of the institutions involvedThe conferences will be devoted to spread the results of the background research; to involve researchers and representatives of Institutions in the EU and Latin America – also as keynote speakers, promoting a wide and multidisciplinary debate, to enforce the knowledge of EACEA and the Jean Monnet Action – Programme ERASMUS+ in non EU-Countries; to spread knowledge and involve the general public as well as of public servants and academics in the debate on a possible convergence between EU and Latin America under the guidance of Social Market Economy, adopted in the EU Treaty as fundamental principle of the Union. Particular attention will be devoted to the dissemination of results and proceedings, through the internet sites of the involved institutions and through publications.Last but not least, the involvement of Phd Candidates stands as a key-figure of the Project, aiming at involving a new generation of researchers in the EACEA Community.