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New Economics of the European Union: from Monetary Union to Economic Union, Social Website


UNIPV structure involved
: Department of Economics and Management

UNIPV Team: Prof. Dario Velo

Project Duration: 36 months

Start Date: 01 Sep 2014                                                 End Date: 31 Aug 2017


Budget: € 36.976,00

New economics of the European Union.Form Monetary Union to Economic Union, Social Market Economy, Atlantic PartnershipsEurope has developed in stages: each progress coincided with a crisis requiring new solutions.Today, Europe is faced with a crisis that offers new possibilities.We must understand the transition that we are experiencing.We need to form a new generation of students capable of becoming the “ruling class” with a culture sufficient to meet the new challenges.The Jean Monnet Chair will develop a university course and a series of seminars and conferences to put students in touch with teachers and experts to illustrate the different aspects and issues covered in the course .The three key issues that will be addressed in the course are :- The present stage of evolution of the process of EU integration, from monetary union to economic union- The content of the European model destined to always be better defined in the economic progress : the social market economy as a economic, social and institutional framework of the European Union- The new partnerships that the EU will sign with the countries of the Atlantic area. The negotiations with the U.S. began in August 2013; other similar agreements will follow the same model .The Jean Monnet Chair will assist in the preparation of the review "The euroAtlantic Union Review ," collaborate to the implementation of the website of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of Pavia , collaborate with the ECSA World and ECSA Italy networks, with the EACEA - Jean Monnet Community .