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Research Doctorate in Public Law, Criminal and International Justice

The Ph.D. aims to provide expertise in general theory of public law; Constitution and constitutionalism; public administration; administrative justice; citizenship and immigration; environmental law; fundamental rights; international law; conflict of laws and jurisdictions; international cooperation; United Nations activities; European Union law; international Organizations; extradition; Italian and international criminal law; criminal procedure law.
The Ph.D. programme is supported by the scientific cooperation with Italian and foreign Institutions and Universities. Moreover, the programme promotes the scientific cooperation with foreign Universities for co-advisor programmes.


Knowledge and study of international law, European law and public law go hand in hand with the analysis of the reform process undertaken within the nation state insofar. Indeed, they represent the premises for the implementation of a training pathway, whose goal is to provide doctoral students with updated knowledge to refine their capacity to select data, to test out their aptitude for research and reasoning, and to encourage application of their critical capacities in theoretical and practical contexts. These considerations have led the Faculty Board to adopt training methods based on study meetings that require active participation by doctoral students.

Research Areas

The Doctorate covers eight research areas:
- General Theory of Italian and European Public Law;
- Constitutional Law;
- Public Comparative Law;
- Administrative Law;
- International Law;
- European Union Law;
- Criminal Procedure Law;
- Criminal Law.

Teaching activity

The teaching activities are organised in courses of traditional lessons, but also in seminars and study meetings. In practice, the Ph.D. students carry out a research directed towards the writing of a doctoral thesis. Periodical meetings at the University of Pavia, in which doctoral students illustrate the subject, methods and contents of their on-going research, are organised. A period of study abroad is recommended, in research institutes, international courts or international institutions.

Career opportunities

The objectives of the Ph.D. are both the preparation for a University career and the training to become public officials, lawyers and magistrates or experts in criminal and international law.

Coordinator: Prof. Cristina Campiglio
Department of Law
Address: Strada Nuova 65 - 27100 PAVIA
Tel.: +39 0382 984602

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