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Research doctorate in Biomedical Sciences

The Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences aims to facilitate exchanges between the biological basics of Medicine and its applied aspects.


The main purpose of the Ph.D. is to train students in experimental studies in the biomedical field, aiming towards an integrated view of molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms at different levels of complexity, but also to enable graduate experts to solve problems in medical, diagnostic and industrial application areas.
The Ph.D. programme has advanced scientific and operatives facilities that include laboratories and clinical structures at the University of Pavia, IRCCS Neurological Institute C. Mondino and of IRCCS Maugeri Foundation of Pavia.

Research Projects/Areas

The programme is organized in four curricula, each covering several research areas:

- General Physiology
- Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology
- Physiology of higher Nervous System functions
- System Physiology
- Exercise Physiology

- General Biochemistry
- Enzymology
- Cellular Biochemistry
- Clinical Biochemistry
- Biochemical Technology

- Basic Pharmacology, Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology
- Pharmacology and Pharmacoepidemiology
- Clinical Pharmacology

- Experimental modelling of Neurological Pathology or underlying dysfunction
- Identification of new therapeutic weapons
- Neuroepidemiology and Neurogenetics
- Neurophysiology and Neuro-images
- Motor Control and Sensorimotor Integration


The programme is run annually by the Ph.D. Board and it includes specialised courses and seminars equivalent to 10 CFU/year and laboratory training equivalent to 50 CFU/year. The courses include optional integrated modules (6 credits, chosen from a list offered by the different curricula), seminars, workshops and additional courses recommended and approved by the Ph.D. Board (4 CFU).

Job Opportunities

University, clinical and industrial research.
Operators in Health and industrial fields with skills in innovation and development

Coordinator: Prof. Egidio D’Angelo
Department of Public Health, Neuroscience, Experimental and Forensic Medicine
Via Forlanini 6 I-27100, Pavia
Tel.: + 39 0382-987606

For more information, see:

Research Doctorate website: