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PhD in Electronics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

The Ph.D. course, active since 1983, is well-established and addresses a large variety of topics in the fields of Industrial and Information Engineering. These topics are related from the cultural and application view points. The Ph.D. course aims at producing high quality researchers and organisers with a deep methodological background which will enable them to start a successful career at Universities, companies and research centres both nationally or abroad.
The large network of international collaborations of the research groups involved in the Ph.D. course gives students the opportunity to exchanges with prestigious Universities, research centres and companies.


Scientific research in the fields of Industrial and Information Engineering is the basis of the Ph.D. course, whose main aim is to produce researchers with adequate skills that enable them to contribute to the development and innovation required by our society. Scientific creativity and organisation skills represent the major drivers of the course. The Professors involved in the course are very active in research at international level. Moreover, their well-equipped laboratories represent an excellent playground for the students.

Research Projects/Areas

- Automation
- Electric and magnetic CAD
- Energy and electrical system
- Photonics
- Informatics
- Electromagnetic waves
- Instrumentation
- Telecommunications


During the three years of study, Ph.D. students must acquire 180 credits; 30 awarded for attending courses and seminars and 150 for their research activities. The Ph.D. course organises many seminars, even in collaboration with other courses of the School of Science Engineering. Scientific dissemination is strongly encouraged through giving presentations at conferences and through seminars.

Job Opportunities

The possible career of Ph.D. students spans academic and research institutions as well as industries and entrepreneurship in Italy and abroad.

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Di Barba
Department of Industrial and Information Engineering
Via Ferrata 1 – 27100 Pavia
Tel.: + 39 0382-985265

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