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Certificates can be requested only by e-mail, attaching a copy of a valid identity document and specifying the following details:

• Name and surname
• Place and date of birth
• Telephone number
• Name of the PhD course
• Language of the certificate (Italian, English, French)
• Type of certificate
• Destination of the certificate (Italy or abroad)
• Number of copies requested.

The student must also specify whether he/she is willing to personally withdraw the certificate at the PhD office or he/she needs it to be sent by post to his/her domicile.

Types of certificate available:

• Enrollment in the PhD
• Enrollment in the PhD with/without scholarship
• Final exam and PhD degree attainment
• Enrollment in cotutelle
• 50% increase of the scholarship for research period abroad
• Participation to the PhD competition or admission in the PhD course
• Suspension of the PhD course/scholarship
• Other certificates upon request.

Please note that certificates cannot be submitted to Italian public administrations. In this case, students have to provide self-declarations (see

The PhD office doesn’t issue certificates regarding the exams taken during the PhD course (refer to the PhD Director).

Certificates withdrawal/forwarding
The certificates need 2-3 working days to be prepared.
In case the student is willing to withdraw the document at the PhD office, he/she will have to bring with him/her a 16 € duty stamp (marca da bollo) for each certificate or copy requested. The certificates can also be withdrawn by an appointee by proxy.
If the student needs to receive the certificates by post to his/her home address, the PhD office calculates the amount of money requested for the duty stamp(s) and the shipping, and asks the student to make a bank transfer using the following bank details:

Bank: UBI - Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
IBAN: IT 32I 05048 11302 000000046566
Reason for payment: Richiesta certificato

IMPORTANT: students who make bank transfers from outside the EU must pay attention to select, in the field related to the bank operation costs, the OUR code and not the SHARE one. If the SHARE code is selected, the payment will be incomplete and we will have to ask you to integrate the missing amount by making a second bank transfer.

The student will have to send to the PhD office by e-mail the payment proof. Then, the Office will send the certificate to the address provided by the student.
ATTENTION: don’t transfer money before having been informed by the PhD office of the exact amount to pay.

For further information:
Virginie Brigitte Gallati - - tel. +39 (0)382 985983 - fax +39 (0)382 985996
Lorenza Andreoli - - tel. +39 (0)382 985984 - fax +39 (0)382 985996

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Information regarding certificates and self-declaration: