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Visiting students

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Application process for Visiting Students

Visiting students are those students who decide to study at Pavia University and enroll to selected courses. They can be also those ones invited by professors of UNIPV.

Visiting students come from Universities which do not have an international agreement with UNIPV for exchanging students.

Visiting students can choose a number of single courses from the Department they are interested in.

To attend selected courses in Pavia as a visiting student, you have to:

1) ask your home University for the permission to study in Pavia and suspend your enrolment at your home University (students willing to attend single courses in Pavia cannot be enrolled in two universities at the same time).

2) download from our website   the form called "Modulo iscrizione ai corsi singoli", stick on it a marca da bollo (a revenue stamp that can be purchased in a Tobacconist) of € 16,00 and write down the courses you want to attend. Select the courses from the course catalogue

3) bring in person this form to the Student Office of the Department which offers the courses you selected and pay € 42,00 for each ECTS credit plus € 6,90 for the compulsory insurance.