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Enrolment procedure for EU citizens

EU citizens, wherever they may hold residence, non-EU citizens who are legally domiciled in Italy, and Italian citizens who hold a foreign qualification may apply for university courses without contingent limitation (*) [item n°26 - L. 189/2002], on condition that they hold a valid qualification and that they pass the admission tests if required to enrol in the chosen university course.
These prospective students may either enrol directly in degree courses or register for admission tests (if applicable) following the same procedure as Italian students.

Among the preliminary information required to complete the online REGISTRATION procedure, prior to enrolment to degree courses/preliminary tests, there is one's own Personal Italian fiscal code (Codice Fiscale). Codice Fiscale is issued by Agenzia delle Entrate,in Italy, but it is possible to work it out by a web besed application.


Candidates with foreign qualifications, respecting the set deadlines for admission to chosen course of study, are supposed to:

1. Access Reserved Area: log in with personal log on credentials (i.e. Username coinciding with one own fiscal code and Password achieved at the end of Registration procedure); select ENROLMENT from the left hand menu and select the chosen course of study; at this stage Students have to upload their own photograph (ID card size, portraying Student's face in the foreground), and to print out the ENROLMENT APPLICATION FORM. As soon as they print it out, a MAV will be made available for download and payment of the 1st instalment of university tax.

2. Deliver following documents to the Student Administration office relevant to the Faculty they wish to enrol in:

- original school leaving certificate with official translation and declaration of value (reading the mark obtained against the maximum achievable mark, and its equivalence with the Italian grading system) and legalisation by the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the country where the study certificatation has been issued; a certificate stating that the candidate has passed the domestic university admission test if such a test is required by law in the student's country of origin
- a front  and back photocopy of an identity document that conforms to the laws in force. Identification of the student will be based on the presentation of this document (Identity Card, Driving License, Passport, etc.)
- a photocopy of your own Personal Italian fiscal code  - issued by any Tax Office in Italy (“Agenzia delle Entrate”), in Pavia: Via Mazzini, 18
- proof of payment of the first instalment of the university fees (check the due amount on the university Tuition Fees)
- a front- and back-photocopy of an identity document that conforms to the laws in force and that was used in the previous Registration procedure (i.e. Identity Card, Driving License, Passport, etc.).
- in case of request of abbreviation of academic career (admission to a second degree, previous academic career evaluations, equivalence of foreign study qualifications) it is also necessary to present the relevant application form in 'Modulistica' section of Student Administration webpages
- a photocopy of the permit of stay (extra-EU students only)


Student Services:

Student Administrative Offices address:
- As to courses of study within the arts and classical area (including Economics and Psychology): via Sant'Agostino, 1
- As to courses of study within the scientific area: via Ferrata, 1
Tax Office (all courses): via Ferrata, 1
Opening hours: from Mon. to Fri. h 9.00 am. – 12.00 pm. excluding Wed. h 13:45-16:15
Closed from the 16th to the 19th of August 2016.
- as to the Tax Office, to get access on Tue. and Wed. you need to book an appointment ( then click on: Ufficio Tasse

(*) item n°26 - L. 189/2002
Admission to university courses is allowed under the same conditions of Italian students to foreigners holding residency permits/cards or a permit of stay for independent or subordinate work, family reasons, political asylum, humanitarian resons, religion reasons, or to students who hold an Italian school-leaving certificate, as well as to foreigners, wherever they may be legally resident, who hold school-leaving diplomas from Italian schools abroad or from international schools, whether operating in Italy or abroad, where such diplomas are the result of bilateral agreements or of special legislation for the recognition of educational certification, and fulfil the general conditions required for admission to study programmes” (item n°39 par. 5, D. Lgs. N. 286/98 and subsequent amendments)
Students coming from countries that administer an exam of academic suitability before the admission to local universities should present, in addition to the secondary school-leaving certificate, a certificate that attests the academic suitability (e.g. Vestibular in Brazil, Selectividad in Spain, etc.).