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Courses in English - How to apply

International students must present PRE-APPLICATION to the Italian embassy in their country

You can contact our Welcome Point after reading the announcement of your course, if you need any further information. 

Medicine and Surgery in English
The number of available places in LM course in Medicine and Surgery is defined at national level, therefore enrolment depends on the following:

a) IMAT admission test - it is the same and administered simultaneously in all Italian universities. 

b) Ranking high enough on the score list to be eligible to one of the places available

c) Pre-enrollment from the embassy

d) Proper documents and Declaration of Value

All the candidates are invited to read the Admission Announcement . If the candidates fail to respect the terms and conditions they will be excluded from the admission test.
More information here.

Molecular Biology and Genetics in English

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Engineering Master's degree courses in English

• Computer Engineering
• Electronic Engineering
• Industrial Automation Engineering
Civil Engineering for mitigation of risk from natural hazards

Follow the instructions on  HOW TO APPLY

Scholarships for applicants to Civil Engineering for mitigation of risk from natural hazards

Building Engineering and Architecture
this course is only for Italian and Chinese students

Humanities in English

Online application and skype test
World Politics and International Relations
Economics, Finance and International Integration Admission Announcement 2018-2019
International Business and Entrepreneurship   Admission Announcement 2018/-2019 More information here

International students must follow the instructions outlined in the Admission Announcements.

The enrolment procedure requires that you first
Pre-enroll at the Italian embassy
• Ask for pre-evaluation of curricular requirements, see your course webpage
• Sit a skype test or send documents by email or through an online procedure according to your course rules
• Enrol online, only in the proper period, normally between July and mid of October, please check in your course announcement.

ON LINE REGISTRATION: register inserting all your data. If you do not have an official fiscal code yet, you can work it out, inserting your precise data as per your passport.
ON LINE ENROLMENT (only in the proper period and following your course rules): Access the Reserved Area. Login using your Username and Password, and then select 'Enrolment' from the left hand menu and choose the course. Prepare your documents to upload. Check the documents to upload in your course admission notice - Bando (original diploma translated legalized and with Declaration of Value).