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Fees for Incomes produced abroad

For the academic year 2017-18 there is a new taxation method.

This is the announcement for the academic year 2017-18.

at page 13, 14, 15 of the announcement.

Based on their country, non European students can benefit a flat rate without presenting any financial document. 
International students (students with extra-eu citizenship with study visas/ and regular permit of stay) will be placed in the fee brackets shown in table 2 (p. 13) based on their country of origin and the course of study they are enrolled in. Flat rates do not apply to students who applied with Edisu or with the tax office. 


International students or those with mixed incomes (see art. 4, letter c. of the regulations on fees) can request their fees be determined based on family income by going to the university fees office (Ufficio Tasse, via Ferrata 5, Pavia) during opening hours. Documents to hand in in ORIGINAL, translated and legalized:

* Family incomes for the 2016 calendar year 
* List of all family members, including disabilities with percentage
* Square meters of all properties
* End-of-year bank accounts of all family members including the student's

More details here


Edisu is an organization for the right to study at our university. If you apply with EDISU for scholarships, assignment of a place in university colleges, canteen service and other benefits, you will not present any document to the University tax office, they will automatically transmit your financial information to us in February.

For any information, surf their webpage in the English version and read their GUIDE for foreign applicants. The deadline for application usually is August for colleges, September for bursaries, November for canteen card and automatically you will have university fee reduction. For any other information and details please contact them HERE


First instalment (composition)
Students enrolling in their first year of study will pay the first installment of € 156.00 (flat fee). The deadline for payment coincides with the enrolment deadline.
The remaining fees will be paid in the second installment.
Students enrolling in the following years will pay a first installment that includes the flat fee of € 156.00 and an amount corresponding to 50% of the all-inclusive fees based on the payment due in the previous academic year.
The deadline for all students enrolled in successive years to the first is October 15, 2017.

Second installment (composition)
The amount for the second installment is the difference between the amount for the entire academic year and the amount paid for the first installment.
The payment deadline for the second installment is April 2, 2018.
The MAV form can be downloaded in the student's reserved area at the end of February. 

Maximum contribution level in the 4th area (Medicine) is € 4.463,00, if regular student (plus fixed taxation of €156).


A student is considered independent only if both the following conditions pertain:
1 – registry office records show residency for at least two years (with reference to the date the 2017 form was presented) outside the residence of the family of origin and in a property not belonging to a member of the nuclear family of origin;
2 – Income derived exclusively from work as an employee, or similar work which is not for a family member, of not less than € 6,500.00. This amount has to have been declared on a tax return. The amount is subject to change based on decisions by the regional council in Lombardy, which can change the income requirements for calculating the indicators needed to be eligible for financial assistance.


Tax Simulator 2017/2018 for incomes produced abroad

Here is the announcement in Italian