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If you plan to spend a research period abroad, this is what you need to do.
  1. ASK THE ACADEMIC BOARD FOR AUTHORIZATION. Before you leave you must submit the appropriate form to the PhD Director; he/she will forward your request to the Academic Board.
  2. ASK FOR THE 50% INCREASE OF THE SCHOLARSHIP. After having been authorized and before leaving, you must forward to the PhD office (via Ferrata 5, Pavia – the same form, together with a copy of the authorization and a copy of a valid ID.
The 50% increase can be asked only for periods lasting at least 2 weeks.
.If you submit the requested documents within the first week of the month before your departure (e.g., January 6 if you leave on February 1), the 50% increase will be generally paid before your departure.
The 50% increase is always paid as a lump sum and is not related with the payment of the scholarship.