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Phd courses

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PhD Higher Education in Pavia

Director of the Higher Education School
Prof. Daniele Boffi (

 PhD courses activated for the XXXI cycle - Academic Year 2015/2016

Macro-area of Science and Technology:
Physics; Mathematics; Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Bioengineering and Bioinformatics; Civil Engineering and Architecture; Electronics, Computer science and Electrical Engineering; Microelectronics

Macro-area of Life Science:
Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology; Experimental Medicine; Psychology, Neuroscience and Medical Statistics; Biomedical Sciences

Macro-area of Humanistic and Social Science:
Sciences of Literary and Musical Text; Private Law, Roman Law and European Legal Culture; Public Law, Criminal and International Justice; Economics and Management of Technology (DREAMT); History



Opening time:
Mon-Fri 9.30-12.00

Virginie Gallati
Ph. +39 (0)382 985983

Lorenza Andreoli
Ph. +39 (0)382 985984

Claudia Morini
Ph. +39 (0)382 985937

Maria Grazia Ronfani
Ph. +39 (0)382 985937