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Scientific and Technological Research

The University of Pavia invests in young researchers, talent, expertise, creativity and thirst for knowledge. Pavia takes part in international research projects and also promotes interdisciplinary research. It takes part in an international work network with the other prominent colleges and collaborates with businesses. We take facts as a starting point, and try and innovate through experimentation and applied knowledge.


To promote internationally recognised projects and activities, strengthen the relationship with Brussels in order to increase access to European funding (Programma Quadro, The EU’s research and development program), and encourage greater participation in international research and collaboration in general.

Encourage initiatives that develop the University’s potential and emphasise its interdisciplinary nature, as well as supporting interaction between researchers (and professors) from different disciplines.

Complete large structural and equipment projects (Cyclotron for radioisotopes, European centre of earthquake engineering, centres of excellence and new initiatives in applied biology). Pavia is fast becoming a scientific stronghold, devoted to the study of topics such as Stem Cells, Nanotechnologies, Matter Physics, Microelectronics and Applied Biology. The most significant are: The centre of Applied Biology (CEBA), The European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE) and The National Centre of Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO).

Strengthening relationships with businesses and the surrounding region. Promoting the growth of organisations and human resources in order to encourage the growth of production and, consequently the growth of the region. As well as consolidating existing relationships with the world of production (PMI and large industries such as ST Microelectronics), the University has adopted a policy that aims to re-launch large facilities – such as the Technological Centre - with a renewed impetus to interact with productive, local industry.


Manager: D.ssa Sofia Baggini Tel. 0382/984227

D.ssa Chiara Gastaldi - Tel. 0382/984689

D.ssa Elisabetta Ferrari - Tel. 0382/984399

D.ssa Valentina Gritti - Tel. 0382/984753

Dott. Andrea Carini - Tel. 0382/984751

Dott.ssa Nicoletta Matrone - Tel. 0382/984749

Monica Borin - Tel. 0382/984655

Information and contact details

Palazzo Centrale
Corso Strada Nuova, 65
27100 – PAVIA
Fax: 39 0382 986906