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Masters' degree in World Politics and International Relations

Course outline     

The two-year Masters' in World Politics and International Relations is designed to help students analyse the major issues surrounding the workings of our globalised world.

Following the long-established Italian tradition of "Political Sciences", the Masters' course offers students a variety of methods for answering questions such as: How are domestic and foreign policy related? Under what conditions can power be controlled in contemporary international relations? Are contemporary international relations more or less conflict-driven than in the past? How did the current international system arise? Is international law just a set of formal rules, or does it impact on the content of international relations? What would a more just international order look like? What exactly is a human right? etc.

Most of the teaching is interactive, taking the form of seminars involving student participation, presentations and discussions. Some courses will also involve the participation of outside speakers and practitioners. During the second half of the second year, students will be asked to write a thesis of around 20,000 words under the personal supervision of a member of the Department.

Job opportunities

Given its interdisciplinary and comparative nature, the Masters' in World Politics and International Relations provides students with a broad perspective on current global issues, an understanding of the genesis and the evolution of major international changes, and an ability to recognise and evaluate their theoretical and practical outcomes.

This broad-based training in international affairs offers a solid basis for careers in national diplomatic services, in International Governmental Organisations (including European organisations), and in NGOs, as well as for positions as analysts and consultants in internationally oriented private and public companies, public administrations, and research institutes.

Contact details

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