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Enrolment 2016 - First and second cycle degree programmes

The Italian University System (DM 509/1999 and DM 270/2004)

Since 1999, Italian university studies have been fully reformed so as to meet the objectives of the "Bologna process". Further to such reform the university system comprises 3 cycles: the 1st cycle academic degree (Laurea: L) grants access to the 2nd cycle, whose main degree is called Laurea Magistrale (LM), which gives access to 3rd cycle doctorate programmes, resulting in the uppermost degree called Dottorato di Ricerca.

First cycle

Undergraduate studies consist exclusively of 1st degree courses (Bachelor's level of Bologna process): Corsi di Laurea (CL) that enable undergraduate students to get to an adequate command of general scientific methods and contents as well as specific professional skills. General access requirement is the Italian secondary school leaving certification, awarded on passing the relevant state examinations, and it is achieved after 13 years of schooling; also foreign comparable qualifications may be accepted. Admission to individual degree courses may be subject to specific course requirements. First degree courses last 3 years. Laurea (L) is awarded to undergraduates who have earned 180 ECTS credits. L allows transition to labour market, access to civil service and professions regulated by EU sectoral directives; it also grants access to all degree programmes of the 2nd cycle.

Second cycle

Postgraduate studies consist of  Corsi di Laurea Magistrale (CLM). Access to CLM requires either the Italian Laurea (L) or a foreign
comparable degree; admission is subject to specific course requirements determined by each universitiy on local basis; workload: 120 ECTS credits; duration: 2 years. The final degree, Laurea Magistrale LM (master-level of Bologna process), is awarded at the end of undergraduates' academic career characterised by an original dissertation in the final degree examination. A limited number of 2nd cycle programmes, namely those leading to professions regulated by EU sectoral directives (in dentistry, human medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, architecture, law), are defined "one long cycle degree programmes" (Corsi di Laurea  Magistrale a ciclo unico - CLMU); they differ form ordinary CLM's mainly because of the following features: 1. Access requirement: either the Italian secondary school leaving certificate or a foreign comparable qualification 2. Admission always subject to entrance exams 3. Curricula consisting of just one long cycle of 5-6 years and a total number of 300-360 ECTS credits.
All LM's and LMU's allow transition to labour market, access to civil service and regulated professions ; they also grant access to research doctorate programmes as well as to all other degree courses of the 3rd cycle.

To register for the admission test or to enrol, you should:

1. Register online to receive a Password - your Username is coincident with your personal Italian fiscal code. Either you got it already (it is issued in any Italian Agenzia delle Entrate office) or the system itself works it out automatically during the registration procedure
2. Choose the degree course you wish to enrol in

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Tuition fees for academic year 2016/17

Admission announcements for LM courses taught in English

How to enrol

International students or students who hold a qualification earned abroad must respect the regulations outlined in the related Ministerial Laws.
Non-EU citizens residing outside Italy
EU citizens and non-EU citizens residing in Italy

Enrolment procedure for the LM course in Medicine and Surgery taught in English

The number of available places in LM course in Medicine and Surgery is defined at national level, therefore enrolment depends on the following:

a) getting through a standard admission test - it is the same and administered simultaneously in all Italian universities. The minimum score of 20 points has to be achieved in order to pass it 

b) ranking high enough on the score list to be eligible to one of the places available

The enrolment procedure can be divided into two phases:
1. registration for the admission test and its completion
2. issuing of the ranking list and subsequent enrolment of eligible students on the basis of their performance in the test

All the candidates are invited to read the Admission Announcement and to follow carefully the outlined terms and conditions. If the candidates fail to respect the terms and conditions they will be excluded from the admission test. More information here.

Enrolment procedure for the Laurea Magistralis courses taught in English:
Molecular Biology and Genetics ,  Economics Finance and international integration, International Business and Economics, Worlsd politics and international  relations, Computer Engineering, Electronic engineering. Industrial Engineering

International students or students who hold a qualification earned abroad must follow the instructions outlined in the Admission Announcements.

The enrolment procedure is divided into three phases:
1. pre-evaluation of curricular requirements
2. registration for and completion of the evaluation test
3. enrolment

1. Pre-evaluation of curricular requirements
In order to apply for pre-evaluation of curricular requirements, candidates should fill out a form addressed to the Rector of the University of Pavia. The form can be found in the Admission Announcement. The pre-evaluation request should enclose all documents listed in the Admission Announcements and it should be delivered by the set deadline.

2. Registration for the Evaluation Test
The online registration is divided into two phases:

A. REGISTRATION access the Reserved Area and click on 'Registration' on the left-side menu. The candidates have to enter their personal details, including the Italian fiscal code, and contact address. Even if the candidates do not have an Italian fiscal code yet, it will be automatically worked out by the system itself, completing the registration procedure that enables the users to print out a reminder reading their own Username (fiscal code) and Password. Of course each candidate is supposed to save such important details to get further access to the Reserved Area. If you have graduated from the University of Pavia and already have a Username and Password for the university online services, you can access directly  the Reserved Area.

B. REGISTRATION FOR THE EVALUATION TEST: Get access to Reserved Area : select 'Login' from the left-hand side menu and type in your Username and Password, then click on 'Admissions' on the same menu, and then click on 'Evaluation Test' and the pre-selected degree course.

3. Enrolment
Candidates have to enrol following the instructions and deadlines outlined in the Admission Announcements

ON LINE ENROLMENT: Access the Reserved Area. Login using your Username and Password, and then select 'Enrolment' from the left hand menu and click on the chosen course.  At this stage, Italian and regularly residing in Italy citizens could fill in the online self-certification form (mod.216) regarding the family income, which will be used to determine 2016/17 enrolment fee (deadline to submit mod. 216: 30 nov. 2016). Both non Italian and Italian students with an income produced even partially abroad cannot proceed online but have to bring all their fiscal documentation to the University Tax Office during working hours and within the same deadline (please read the 2016/17-Tuition Fees for further details).