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Masters' Degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Course description         Announcement

The Master' degree programme includes:

• An examination into recent advances in genomics and proteomics, in both human and animal organisms.
• Studies into bimolecular structures and how they are related to functions.
• An investigation into the genetic manipulation of cells (human, animal, bacterial) and plant seeds.
• A study of the technologies used in deploying animals, plants and microorganisms as factories for the production of biologically active molecules.

As part of the degree assessment, students will be asked to write a dissertation displaying the results of a scientific investigation they have completed during the course of the 2 year programme. In order to assist students with this assignment, a faculty member will be assigned to them to oversee their investigations. The students' projects will form part of the work carried out by the universities' research teams.

Job Opportunities

Upon completion of the course, graduates of the Masters' degree will be presented with a wide range of job opportunities. These include: employment within the healthcare sector, in biotechnology, in agribusiness, in communication-media and in teaching. Moreover, continued studies leading towards a PhD qualification will generate employment opportunities in the academic and research spheres.

Contact Information
Coordinator: Professor Elena Giulotto
Web site: