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Enroll at the University of Pavia

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Enroll at the University of Pavia

Enroll at the University of Pavia

Students from the European Union who wish to enroll at the University or to register for an admissions test, should follow the same registration and enrolment procedures used by Italian students. Students from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and the Republics of San Marino and Liechtenstein should also follow the procedures outlined above.

A limited number of places are reserved for Non-EU students who live abroad .
Further information can be found on the following website:

Enrolment at the University of Pavia is carried out on-line . To help first-year students with the enrolment procedure, the University has set up an ‘InfoMatriocole’ desk within the rectorate. Staff from the Student Administrative Offices and the Orientation Centre (link will be able to provide students who visit the desk with information about the University’s teaching program, the enrolment procedure and University Services. The counter will be running from the 16th July to the 15th October and is situated within the University’s historical campus.
In addition ISEE and finance counters will provide students with information about the payment of university fees whilst various computer stations will allow students to carry out the on-line registration procedure.

The Infomatricole desk, is situated within the halls of the University’s rectorate on Corso Strada Nuova, n° 65. Registration for Bachelors courses will take place from 16th July to the 15th October .

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9.00am – 12.00pm