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Disability services

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Servizio per gli Studenti Disabili

Disability service

S.A.I.S.D is the Servizio di Assistenza e Integrazione Studenti Disabili i.e. the service catering for the needs of disabled students. S.A.I.S.D (Service for the Assistance and Integration of Disabled Students) was set up in the 1999/2000 academic year under the provisions of Italian legislation (Legge 17/99) and subsequent amendments (Legge 104/1992).

S.A.I.S.D offers a service that is designed to welcome disabled students to the University of Pavia, and to assist them and integrate into University life. S.A.I.S.D organizes, supports, co-ordinates and monitors all the initiatives relating to the integration of disabled students in all aspects of University life, making it possible for them to attend lessons, laboratory sessions, to get access to libraries and other university facilities.

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