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The University of Pavia is one of the most pioneering Italian universities when it comes to internationalising its academic systems. The fact that the university was one of the first to offer places to Erasmus students, together with Siena and Bologna, serves as firm proof of this. Furthermore, the university collaborates with the Coimbra Group (a collection of the oldest universities in Europe) in numerous projects aimed at “Europeanising” the university system. Some of have now been approved by the European Commission as good practice for universities in Europe.

Thanks to this position at the forefront of internationalisation, UNIPV believes in creating opportunities for its students to pursue international careers by allocating grants to deserving students from Italy and abroad. We also benefit from a research-friendly environment by financing local research projects and attracting researchers from all over the world.

Through the many academic contacts it has made over the years, UNIPV has set up a network of international collaboration which today includes more than 500 universities and research organisations from all over the world. This has resulted in international academic prestige.

Furthermore, the University of Pavia allocates part of its international budget to developing countries through the University Centre for Cooperation and Development (CICOPS).