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Teaching staff mobility

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Erasmus+ incoming teaching staff from Eu Universities

The University of Pavia is delighted to welcome Erasmus teaching staff from partners Higher education Institutions in the framework of the Erasmus programme.

The interested teaching staff should contact the international office and / or Erasmus office of their home institution to get to know if an Erasmus bilateral agreement for teaching activity is in place with the University of Pavia. Also please note that the grant provided to contribute to subsistence costs and to cover travel costs is managed by your home University.

 Mobility Period
The mobility period must be included between the 1st June 200x and the 30th September of the following year (200x+1)..

There is an obligation to deliver at least 8 hours of teaching (i.e. at least 2e day).  The maximum duration is 2 months

Documentary Requirements:
In order to process your application all of the following documentation is required

1.. Identify the department or staff member you would like to have an exchange with. Email the relevant teacher, including a CV, to show your area of expertise and how an exchange would benefit both universities.

You can find staff  contact details through the pages below:

List of Academic Departments at the University of Pavia
Course catalogue 

2 Agree a short "Mobility Agreement/Teaching programme" The department will consider how the visit fits with their plan of work and academic timetables. If the department is happy to host you and you have found a suitable time, the department will sign the form

3.  complete the online application form

If you need assistance with accommodation arrangements please visit If you would like to book a room in one of the University-owned residences accommodation please email


Once in Pavia the Welcome office will provide all academic visitors with essential facilities such as access to wifi, computer and libraries
The welcome office is located just on the left of the main entrance of the University in Strada Nuova 65. Working hours: mon – fri: from 9 am to 12 pm, and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

During their stay at the University of Pavia the academic visitor are obliged to be covered by an insurance policy covering Third Party Liability Insurance and Accident coverage while undertaking  their tasks in relation to the research/teaching acivity.
The academic visitors  have the chance to buy the insurance cover once in Pavia. (Accident coverage costs 3.55 Euro,Third Party Liability Insurance costs 19 euro for a three moths period of stay.) Please download the form to buy the insurance cover

The academic visitor at the University of Pavia are obliged to download the information about the General Measures of Prevention and Protection , read it carefully, sign it and submit it to the hosting Department.