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Staff training mobility

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Erasmus Staff Training Mobility

  • Erasmus Staff mobility for training enables teaching and other staff of higher education institutions to spend a training period of  between 5 working days and 6 weeks in an enterprise or organisation such as a higher education institution in another participating country. The main aim of the project is to allow the staff of higher education institutions to acquire knowledge or specific know-how from experiences and good practices abroad as well as practical skills relevant to their current job and their professional development.
Who can apply?
  • The staff must be either a national of a country participating in the Erasmus+ Programme or a national of other countries employed or living in a participating country, under the conditions fixed by each of the participating countries, taking into account the nature of the programme.
  • Staff must be employed by a higher education institution holding an ERASMUS University Charter.
  • Staff must be selected by the sending institution.
  • Either the sending or receiving country must be an EU Member State


How to apply for a Training Period at the University of Pavia?

The University of Pavia welcomes applications for training periods in its Departments

It is at the discretion of the department concerned whether or not to accept a staff training visitor. The hosting department is responsible for organising a programme based on the interests of the visitor and there is a considerable time commitment to planning the programme and hosting the visit.

Please note that some Departments may require an intermediate level of knowledge of Italian language to apply.

The training period cannot be scheduled during summer (i.e. July-August) of the academic year.


In order to apply for staff training at the University of Pavia, you must:

  • Check with your home university about the availability of an Erasmus agreement for staff training mobility with the University of Pavia.
  • E-mail your training programme  to
  • Wait for a reply from the interested Department/Faculty.

The training programme must contain at least:

  • overall aim and objectives,
  • expected results from the training or learning activities to be carried out
  • an agenda of the mobility period.

Applications must be sent at least two months prior to the desidered training period.

Last modified 23 March 2011


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