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During the Erasmus

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During the Erasmus

Steps to follow during the Erasmus:
  1. Activate university email
  2. Go along with reserved area
  3. Update learning agreement (if it is necessary)
  4. Giving in exams booklet / libretto
  5. Exstension of Erasmus period (if it is necessary)
  6. Using libraries
Upon your registration, we will send an e-mail to your personal e-mail address, in which we will provide you with a University of Pavia e-mail address (  To activate your new account, you should use the same password you received via e-mail when you completed the online application form.

If you have any problems finding your password, please remember that you received it in an e-mail from “”. 
If you have any further problems, please contact us at, or come to the office during opening hours.

Please note that you must set up your new e-mail account in order to access the Area Riservata, the Wi-Fi service and all the other services provided by the University of Pavia. Moreover, we will only get in touch with you through this e-mail address.

The Area Riservata is a personal area where a student can find all the information regarding his/her academic career.
As you are an Erasmus incoming student, only a few sections will be useful to you (Home – Carriera – Esami), as the others are intended only for local students.
Download the instuctions here on how to use the Reserved Area

Upon your arrival, you will have to check your Learning Agreement with the up-to-date academic offer and course timetable, get it signed by your Erasmus Coordinator in Pavia and bring it to the Servizio Relazioni Internazionali - Mobilitā Internazionale (via S. Agostino 1) by:

the end of October for the first semester
the end of March for the second semester

The office will upload your learning agreement so that you can access the on-line Reserved Area and register for exams.

Moreover, you are required to update the initial Learning Agreement with any changes. You must then get it signed by your Erasmus Coordinator in Pavia and bring a copy to our office. We will send it to your home University for their approval. A specific form is available on our website.

Download the form here to ask for changes to your Learning Agreement .

When you come to our office to enroll, you’ll receive a personal Booklet of Exams which teachers will fill in with details of course attendance, exams and marks.

All activities performed must be reported in your personal Booklet by your teacher.

The Booklet is the paper version of the part of the Area Riservata where all taken exams are displayed. You have to match the booklet and the Reserved Area before accepting any grades. If there is a difference between them, you have to contact the teacher before accepting/refusing the mark.

Please note that it is possible that some types of activity will not be visible on your Area Riservata. This happens if the activity is not in our academic offer:

- If you are going to take just one module of a course made up of different parts, the recording of the result cannot be completed on-line. You should therefore have this specific form filled out by your teacher and ask him/her to send it to our office.

- Similarly, if you are going to take an exam but with a reduction of the number of credits foreseen in your study plan (ex. you have an 8 credits exam in your learning agreement, but you agreed with the teacher that only 4 out of 8 credits would be recognised), you would NOT be able to enrol on-line (you should agree with the teacher which way to to enrol) and the exam would NOT be recorded in your Area Riservata. You should therefore have this specific form filled out by your teacher and ask him/her to send it to our office.

- If you are going to perform research activities in order to work on your thesis, you should have the specific form "Thesis activity Certificate" filled out by the teacher.

If you are an Erasmus student for the first semester and you need to extend your period of study, you have to complete the form available on our website and collect signatures from both your Home and Host Universities and then deliver it to our office.

Download the form here to ask the extension of your Erasmus period.

The University libraries offer reading rooms, copying services, workstations for consulting online resources, free WI-FI, assistance in bibliographic research and a huge collection of books and magazines which you can read in the library or borrow, according to the library regulations.

- To find or to borrow a book or a magazine, access the catalogue of Pavia (OPAC – On-line Public Access Catalog)

- If you need a book or an article that you can’t find in Pavia, you can use the interlibrary loan service and delivery.

Download the instructions here on how to use the librarian services of the University of Pavia