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Where to eat

EDiSU is responsible for catering at the University of Pavia.
 In order to use the canteen service you should go to the EDiSU Office (Mon-Thu 9.30-12.00 and 14.00-15.00, Fri 9.30-12.00 - see map) to get your STUDENT CANTEEN CARD which is mandatory for all the student canteens. The price of a whole meal is 5.50€. (except for Mensa Centrale)

List of canteens
Mensa Cravino
Via Bassi 2 (Scientific pole, near the Hospital - Bus n.3) - Tel: +390382422130

Mensa Markas s.r.l
Via Ferrata 20 (Scientific pole of "Nave" - Bus n.3) - Tel: +390382529682

Mensa Collegio Fraccaro
Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci 2 (close to Central University building) - Tel: +390382204048

Mensa Collegio Castiglioni
Via San Martino 20 (close to Piazza Ghislieri - 2min walk from University) - Tel: +390382303074

Mensa Centrale
Via Carlo Alberto (close to Central University building) - Tel: +39038233526 

This canteen is also called “Tre piani” (three floors) or “Fast food”: the ground floor offers a good choice of panini (sandwiches) and hot or cold main courses.
The first floor has first courses and fresh vegetables, and the second floor serves very good pizza. You can also find second courses, vegetables, fruit and desserts on almost every floor.
This is the only canteen that allows you to pay for every plate you take, not for the whole menu (actually the price for
the starter is 2.50 €, the main course is 3.00 €).

Canteens - Opening Hours

See the map to know how to get to the canteens.