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Erasmus Traineeship for Enterprises

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Erasmus Traineeship for Enterprises

Are you a European enterprise?
Are you willing to host Pavia students for a traineeship period within the Erasmus Placement programme?

Please describe your vacancy and email this formWe will display it on our webpage for Pavia students who are applying for an Erasmus traineeship grant.

After you'll have selected the best applicants you'll be asked to comply with the following steps:


  • Fill in and email a Letter of Acceptance to the selected trainee (this may happen before the student selection process by the University     takes place), stating the planned dates of start and end of the placement period, the knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the trainee, a detailed programme of the training period, the tasks of the trainee, the monitoring and evaluation plan of his/her activities.  
  • Issue an individual Learning agreement for Traineeship for the trainee jointly with the sending higher institution, providing a description of the working programme (tasks, working hours, additional benefits, …) The Training agreement must be endorsed by the home higher education institution, the student and the host organisation. 


  • Draw a Contract or equivalent document for the placement in accordance with the requirements of the host Country legislation.
  • Provide practical support if required (e.g. checking appropriate insurance cover).
  • Assign to students tasks and responsibilities (as stipulated in the Training Agreement) matching their knowledge, skills, competencies and training aims and ensure that appropriate equipment and support is available.
  • Appoint a Mentor to advise students, help them with their integration in the host environment and monitor their training progress.
  • Monitor the progress of the placement together with the sending higher institution and take appropriate action if required.   


  • Issue a Traineeship Certificate, certifying the working programme accomplished by the student and the exact dates in which the training period started and ended.

International Office  - International Mobility
via S.Agostino 1-27100 Pavia

tel    +39 0382 984302
fax   +39 0382 984314


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