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Erasmus+ Overseas - at the end of your Erasmus

1. Handing in final documentation

Within 30 days of the end of your Erasmus period, or before the 31st of July, you must come to Ufficio Mobilitā Internazionale in order to hand in the ORIGINAL versions of the following documents:
- the Certificate of your Erasmus Period complete with the start and dates of your time abroad and the stamp and signature of the Host University.
- the Treanscript of records complete with all the exams you have taken, all the marks given and all the credits awarded or a thesis activity certificate. For information on how to obtain the certificates correctly, visit the page DURING YOUR ERASMUS.
- the Learning agreement (with the original signature of the Host University) and any changes made to the agreement during the Erasmus period (with the original signature of the Host University).

Remember that the documents listed here are fundamental to the academic recognition of the Erasmus period and if any one of them are missing, this could lead to the loss of your Erasmus study grant.

2. Contact yout International Mobility coordinator

After you have handed in all the documents, the Ufficio Mobilitā Internazionali will check them and send them to your Erasmus coordinator who will manage the academic recognition of the study period abroad.
Contact your Erasmus Coordinator to confirm the recognition of your chosen modules and exams taken.

Remember that you may not graduate before finishing the Erasmus Period abroad or before receiving academic recognition for studying abroad. If you wish to graduate shortly after the predicted end date, you must finish your mobility period at least one month before the predicted graduation date and you must inform in good time both the Servizio Relazioni Internazionali – Mobilitā internazionale and the relevant Erasmus coordinator.