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More information are provided in the International Student's Guide


If you arrive at Linate airport, the cheapest and easiest way to reach Pavia is to take the direct shuttle buses it takes 60 minutes.
You can also take n. 73 bus (direction San Babila), and stop at VIALE CAMPANIA STATION, and take the S13 train from Milano Vittoria Station.
As an alternative, you can take a bus to Milan's central railway station (Stazione Centrale) and then a train to Pavia (almost one each half an hour, for timetable The Milan-Pavia train ride takes 30-40 minutes.
A taxi from Linate to Pavia costs about 100 Euros.

If you arrive at Malpensa airport, you can take a direct train to Milan Central railway station (Stazione Centrale) or Malpensa Express train: that leaves every 30 minutes to Milano Bovisa Stop (duration: 40 minutes). Then you can take the S13 train from Milano Bovisa to Pavia.
As an alternative you can take a Malpensa Shuttle Bus to the Central Railway Station. Tickets can be bought directly on the bus.
Taxis are also available from Malpensa to Milan's central station (an expensive option, about 100 Euros) or directly to Pavia (about 170 Euros).

If you arrive to Orio al Serio airport, you can take one of the 25 daily bus runs from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm direct to Milan Central Station.
From Milan Central Station to Pavia. The Milan-Pavia train ride takes 30-40 minutes.

Most European cities are connected to Milan's central railway station by direct trains. You can take a train from Milan's central station directly to Pavia (direction to Genova). The train ride from Milan to Pavia takes about 30-40 minutes.

You can take motorway A7 (pay toll), exiting at Bereguardo (Pavia North). You will find yourself on a free motorway that will take you straight to Pavia (10 kms from Bereguardo). Follow the signs to Pavia Centro / stazione and then for the University. A detailed map of Pavia is available here.

The town centre is relatively small, you can walk edge to edge in 15-20 minutes; it takes less than 10 minutes from the railway and bus station to the University (central buildings) or to the conference venue. The conference location is in a traffic restricted area. When you arrive at the railway station you can get a bus (line 3 towards the town centre) or take a taxi: moving to a location in the town centre by taxy costs 6-10€.
Moving by car is less easy than walking or using buses (bus ticket 1.20 € validity 1 hour - city lines only, availability at newsstands).
Parking fares range from 0.60€/hour to 2.00€/hour, depending on the area (higher towards the centre). On Sunday, parking is free. On Saturday, it depends on the areas.

Useful links

Map of parking areas
Map of Pavia

In Pavia you can enjoy both moderate prices of a small city and the opportunities and services of a big city, as well as a prestigious University.
Student spending is composed of 5 main elements: Rent & bills, Food, study materials, University fees and social.

Average spending costs:

• Rent: 300 euro for a single room in a shared apartment
• Bills: (like gas, electricity, heating): aprox. 30 euro/month
• Food: if you cook you can save by buying in the supermarket 200 euros/month
• Study Materials: are not a real expense because the books which is the major cost can be bought used and resold back to the next year students.
• Social Miscellaneous: is something that varies from person to person. Wednesdays are usually a student night. Shots cost around 1 euro, a pint of beer costs about 5 euro, a bottle of wine in a pub/bar (to share with friends) 15-20 euro. Or you can go to local supermarkets to more reasonable prices.

Total Spending: 700-800 euros/month

When you plan your stay, take into account that during the first month you will be spending x2-3 times more because you’ll need to leave a security deposit for the apartment( which is usually 2-3 months rent), to buy some basic things for the apartment ( especially if you choose one without any furniture) and on “newcomer expenses” because it will take you some time to find the less expensive supermarket etc.
Be sure that you have enough money for around 2 months when you come, even if you plan to work or get scholarship, in order to have some financial security.

We advise that you take with you a minimum of 800 euros in cash for preliminary expenses
Security deposit (ranges from 2-3 months rent)
• Buying basic furniture or electricals for your new apartment
• New Comer expenses
• Pay the permit of stayThe International Office of the University of Pavia will provide you all the support before, upon and at the end of your mobility period.