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Erasmus+ overseas grants

Students coming from Partner Universities (List of home Universities and available places 2017-2018) are eligible for Erasmus grants.

Grants are paid through the University of Pavia International Relations Office.

The grant from the EU is made of:
1. Travel contribution
Travel contribution is based on the travel distance-cost correspondences stated by the EU:


Travel distance 100-499 KM
Travel distance 500-1999 KM 275€/person
Travel distance 2000-2999 KM 360€/person
Travel distance 3000-3999 KM: 530€/person
Travel distance 4000-7999 KM 820€/person
Travel distance 8000 KM or more 1100€/person

Please refer to the Travel distance calculator created by the European Commission:

The distance to be calculated is one way, i.e. from the location of the sending organization to that of the receiving organization. The grant covers the outward and return journey.
2. Individual support
Individual support is based on the length of the mobility period.

The students selected will be initially awarded of a scholarship of maximim six months - 850€ per months.

The final amount of Erasmus+ EU funds for the mobility period will then be determined on the basis of the real dates of arrival and departure, following EU rules:
  • multiplying the number of real mobility months (30 days) with the monthly grant of 850€
  • in the case of incomplete months, multiplying the number of days in the incomplete month with 1/30 of the unit cost per month.
Erasmus+ funds do not cover any insurance for selected candidates. UNIPV will ask you to provide cover for Health Insurance.