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APS - Association of Social Promotion " Province of Pavia Territorial System for International Cooperation"

The Association of Social Promotion "Province of Pavia Territorial System for International Cooperation" was established in 2014 by local authorities and public, private and non-profit associations stakeholders to create a local network for the promotion and practice of decentralized cooperation and sustainable human development.

The association aims at:
  1. promoting and practicing the Decentralized Cooperation for Human Development;
  2. promoting and contributing to sustainable human development in its local area;
  3. promoting culture and the issues of sustainable human development, equity, peace, solidarity and cooperation.
The Province of Pavia Territorial System for International Cooperation consists of:

Province of Pavia, Municipality of Casei Gerola, Municipality of Cava Manara, Municipality of Cigognola, Municipality of Godiasco, Municipality of Montebello della Battaglia, Municipality of Valle Salimbene, Fondazione I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, University of Pavia, Pavia Chamber of Commerce, Association of Engineers of the Province of Pavia, IUSS (Institute for Advanced Study) of Pavia, Pavia NGO Agency No. 1 for Ayame, Soomaalyia Association ONLUS, Association Italy - Uganda ONLUS, Association AMBRA ONLUS, Association Guardavanti: for the future of children ONLUS, Association Group Kamenge Pavia, Association Pavia Asti Senegal ONLUS, Foundation G. Constantine, Association Filippo Astori, Association Pavia Committee for Chernobyl, Association AIFO (Friends of Raoul Follerau), Association Italy-Cuba, Association Project Pavia Families with Chernobyl, Villanterio Committee for Chernobyl, Association Friends of Stefano Ciceri ONLUS (AMICIC), Association of Social Promotion FILDIS (Higher Institutes Graduates Italian Federation) Section of Pavia.