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Visiting Professors

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Visiting Professors

Information for Visiting Lecturers and Scholars (ITALIANO)

1. Opportunities for Visiting the University of Pavia
If you are from an enterprise, please visit this link to see the 2015 "call for applications" (in Italian). More general information can be found here.

If you are an academic from another university looking to undertake a teaching period at UNIPV please visit this link (in Italian). More general information can be found here.
2. What do once you have found an opportunity
Those wishing to apply for a UNIPV teaching placement should complete the online form found here

Practical information regarding VISAs can be found here (in Italian)

For information regarding insurance and/or the permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) please e-mail Elena Fontana at

All UNIPV scholars are expected to have read and signed the following document on "Prevention and Protection" . Please hand this form to the hosting Department.

The Head of the hosting Department of UNIPV should be informed and authorise the visit.
3. What to do upon arrival

Firstly you should go to the Welcome Point. This is located just to the left of the main entrance to the university at Corso Strada Nuova 65, Pavia.

There you will be asked to provide your personal details (incl. a valid form of ID) and state which UNIPV academic you will be working with. To aid the process, we recommend that the UNIPV lecturer phones the Welcome Point to confirm your arrival. You are also reminded that it is important to fill in the online form before arrival. 

The staff responsible for VPs at the Welcome Point are Ms. Xue Qian ( / +39 0382 984 018) and Ms. Nora Tamimi Takrouri ( / +39 0382 984 021).

The Welcome Point is open 9-12 and 14-17 Monday to Friday. 
4. Services for visiting professors
Visiting scholars will have access to the UNIPV library. Please click here for more information.

Information on the digitial services offered by the library can be found here.

Please find information regarding the University canteen system at this link 

Regarding access to the UNIPV wifi, the Welcome Point Office will give you a closed envelope with a username and a password to access the wi-fi and the online services of the University Libraries. For more information, please contact
Download the list of Professors Visiting UNIPV (last update 27 March 2016)

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