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Services to Enterprises

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 To improve international careers guidance services for students and postgraduates, the Career Service works with companies and institutions in Europe and beyond.

It offers a range of services to companies and institutions, including :

  • Publishing on our website the best internship and job opportunities that have been uploaded onto international job sites and search engines. The webpage also includes job opportunities submitted directly to University of Pavia:
  • Every day, the Careers Service researches individual jobs/internships depending on each student's needs. This service is reserved for students and graduates of the University of Pavia who are looking for an internship. This allows direct contact with a specific person in a foreign company who is in contact with the University.


The University of Pavia warmly welcomes job or internship offers for any area of study and from any European country. Steady and permanent contacts give enterprises visibility in the university, starting with the publication of their offer on the website. 

Moreover,  the Career Service is a mediator between enterprises and students. The office can be a reliable link for enterprises by offering students useful work contacts for their careers in a foreign country.

Finally, the University of Pavia is involved in European Programmes, e.g. the Erasmus Student Placement Programme and the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, which assigns student scholarships aimed at those spending an internship period in other European countries.

If you are a foreign company or institution and you are interested in establishing close relations with the University of Pavia, please fill in the "Form for Enterprises" and send it to:

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