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Facts and Figures

Universitas Studiorum since 1361

Situated only 35 km from Milan

Population of Pavia: 70,000

Over 23.000 students

1,318 Foreign students

968 Teaching staff

2 Campuses (Pavia, Cremona)

7 Master Degree courses taught in English:

• Molecular Biology and Genetics
• International Business and Economics
• Economics, finance and international integration
• Medicine and Surgery
• World Politics and International Relations
• Electronic Engineering
• Computer Engineering

83 degree Courses taught in Italian in the following areas:

• Arts, Languages and Philosophy
• Business and Economics
• Engineering and Architecture
• Law
• Mathematics
• Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences
• Medicine & Surgery
• Musicology (Cremona)
• Pharmacology
• Political Sciences
• Communication studies
• Health professions
• Psychology
• Sports science
• Tourism (inter-university)

17 doctorate research courses in Science and Technology, Life Science, Arts and Social Sciences:

Excellent system of University colleges: 4 Historical Residence Halls recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education (Almo Collegio Borromeo, Collegio Ghilsieri, Collegio Nuovo, Collegio Santa Caterina) 12 Student Residence Halls • Collegio Fratelli Cairoli (male) • Collegio Gerolamo Cardano • Collegio Castiglioni Brugnatelli (female) • Collegio Plinio Fraccaro (male)• Collegio Giasone del Maino• Collegio Camillo Golgi 1• Collegio Camillo Golgi 2 • Collegio Benvenuto Griziotti• Collegio Lazzaro Spallanzani (male)• Collegio Lorenzo Valla• Collegio Alessandro Volta EDiSU also manages a college located in Cremona:
• Collegio Quartier Novo, 4 private Colleges (Collegio Don Bosco, Collegio Maria Ausiliatrice, Collegio Marianum, Collegio Sant’Agostino)

9 Museums

Pavia ‘European City of Sport 2014’ is the international recognition that Pavia deserves. The figures behind the award are: 2  multi-sport centres; 4 public swimming pools and 3 private sports clubs; 26 school and 8 university gyms; 20 multi-sport playing fields; 15 public and private football pitches; 5 public and private boules areas; 4 private equestrian centres; 20 public and private tennis courts; 10 facilities offering a variety of golf, skating and five-a-side football.

Pavia Home to the Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori (IUSS) Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia in Human Sciences Social Sciences Science and Technology Biomedical Sciences
In 2013 Students’ level of satisfaction was ranked 8/10

In the ‘World University Rankings 2013-2014’, the list of world universities drawn up by “Times Higher Education”, the University of Pavia placed 5th of the 15 Italian universities included, improving its position from last year.